Turn right from the main highway (Compact Road) and drive past the Palau National Capitol to the ocean, then turn right and continue on the village road until you reach the ancient stone pier and the Melekeok State Office which is next door to the bungalows.

Directions for driving to Melekeok

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From Palau International Airport

Melekeok is located on the east coast of Palau's big island of Babeldaob, about 14 miles (23 km) from the airport and 21 miles (34 km) from Koror, the main urban center, where most of the dive shops and tour operators are located.

At the airport exit, turn right and follow the signs to Melekeok.  The two-lane paved highway curves past the Fire Station along the airport runway, then  over a small river and through the village of Ngerikiil. The speed limit on the main highway is 35 MPH.

After Ngerikiil drive through hills and jungle for 15 miles or so, past the Jungle River Cruise on the right about halfway.  Stay on the highway until you reach the National Capitol in Melekeok (do not turn right at the first Melekeok sign, go past it until you see the 2nd sign for Melekeok.)

The Palau National Capitol building looks similar to the U.S. Capitol and can be seen from afar off to the right side of the highway. Turn right at the National Capitol sign (at the corner before the turn there's a police/fire station). 

Take the Capitol road all the way down to the ocean (about 1/2 mile), turn right and follow the road through the village  (watch out for speedbumps) past the elementary school on your right until you reach the 2-story State office on your right. On the left is the ancient stone pier. 

Just after the State office is a little stream, take the first right turn into the bungalows – just drive on down the driveway till you reach the summer house.