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*Note that entry fees may apply for various state attractions.  For more information call the State office or see

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Things to do in Melekeok:

  • Relax on the beach next to the Bungalows, swim and snorkel.
  • Walk along the ocean to explore the village, and see an ancient stone monolith.
  • Stroll through the village and up the hill about a mile to visit Palau's National Capitol building and a Korean memorial.
  • Hike up the hill along an ancient stone path through the jungle near the bungalows to visit one of Palau’s traditional men’s meeting houses (called abai).
  • Enjoy bird-watching, and a wide variety of tropical flora and fauna
  • Hike up the stream behind the bungalows to see a water catchment system from Japanese times

There are many places on the big island of Babeldaob to experience the natural beauty and traditional culture of Palau, just a short drive from the Palau Beach Bungalows.

Nearby Melekeok on Babeldaob Island:

  • Jungle River Cruise, only about 10 minutes drive away, located in the state of Ngchesar just to the south of Melekeok, which also displays a traditional war canoe.
  • Ngardok Nature Reserve, with Palau’s biggest freshwater lake, lies in the northern end of Melekeok state.
  • Ngiwal State, located just north of Melekeok, also has lovely beaches and a unique town square with a statue commemorating a local legend, “Meduu Ribtal” about a breadfruit tree that bore fish for a poor widow until the jealous villagers cut it down.
  • Ngaraard State’s Chelab Traditional Village / Ancient Pathway.
  • Lush jungle waterfalls in Ngardmau and Ngatpang States.
  • Badrulchau Stone Monoliths in Ngarchelong, Babeldaob’s northernmost state
  • Malsol’s Tomb and Aimeliik Bai in the State of Aimeliik
  • Airai Bai, one of Palau’s oldest surviving traditional men’s houses
  • Yapese Stone Money Quarry in Airai



The Palau Beach Bungalows includes four cozy private one-bedroom units situated at the front of a lush jungle valley that has housed our family for centuries.  We built the bungalows so visitors can enjoy the beauty and peace of our traditional Palauan village away from the busy town center of Koror.

Melekeok, one of the two ancient “kingdoms” of Palau (Koror is the other one), is the home state of the Palau Beach Bungalows.  It is a great location to enjoy the varied cultural and natural sights on Palau’s big island of Babeldaob. 

Melekeok is located on the east coast of Babeldaob island which is the second largest landmass in Micronesia (after Guam)--27 miles long and 1.9 miles wide.  It's sparsely populated with villages along the coastlines. The Compact Road, a modern 2-lane highway, circles the island and makes it easy to explore. There is also a paved cross-island road in the middle near Melekeok, for convenient east-west travel. 

Palau’s two official languages are English and Palauan and it’s our lifestyle to be generous, friendly, and helpful. Palauans are comfortable with modern ways yet strong on preserving traditional culture and customs. 

Legends abound that recount the history of clans and villages.  Important cultural motifs and symbols are painted on the men's meeting houses, called Bai.  Once restricted to Palauan chiefs, many  are now open for viewing by visitors

including Bai Melekeong in Melekeok.